A Man Carrying 19 Live Cartridges Without Valid Documents is Arrested by Delhi Police The Delhi Police recently apprehended on Wednesday after discovering 19 live cartridges in his possession, without the necessary legal documentation.

A Man Carrying 19 Live Cartridges Without Valid Documents is Arrested by Delhi Police

Delhi Police’s Crackdown on Unlicensed Ammunition Carrying

The incident occurred when officers found the cartridges concealed within a pouch inside the suspect’s bag. Upon interrogation, the man, identified as Kumar, claimed residency in Bengaluru and asserted ownership of the cartridges. He argued that he possessed a valid firearms license, albeit limited to the geographical boundaries of Karnataka.

Legal Ramifications and Arrest

Despite Kumar’s claim, the Delhi Police promptly him into custody, filing an FIR against under the Arms Act. Subsequently, he was presented before the court and remanded in judicial custody.

This arrest represents the latest in a series of similar incidents where the Delhi Police have apprehended individuals carrying ammunition without proper documentation. Just a few months a 21-year-old woman was arrested at the Indira Gandhi International Airport for attempting to transport a bullet in our hand baggage.
In another unrelated case, the police apprehended an individual in Goa found in possession of an unauthorized firearm. Similarly, he failed to produce any documentation granting the right to carry a weapon.

Delhi Police’s Warning and Vigilance at IGIA

The Delhi Police issued a stern warning to all passengers, cautioning them against carrying ammunition without the necessary legal permits. They emphasized that individuals found in violation of these regulations would face arrest and prosecution.

In their efforts to curb the smuggling of ammunition, the police have implemented regular checks at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. These measures aim to deter individuals from attempting to transport unauthorized firearms and live cartridges.

Passengers Advised to Validate Licenses and Declare Ammunition

Considering the recent surge in such incidents, it is strongly advised that passengers verify the validity of their arms licenses before embarking on any travel. Furthermore, individuals carrying any ammunition must declare it to the airport authorities, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

On Wednesday, an individual was apprehended for possessing 19 live cartridges without the necessary documentation.

The Delhi Police’s proactive approach and strict enforcement demonstrate their commitment to maintaining public safety and curbing the unauthorized possession and transportation of firearms and ammunition.

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