A fast transit system is now being constructed in Agra, the fourth-largest city in Uttar Pradesh. The Detailed Project Report was filed in 2014, and the project was given cabinet approval by the Uttar Pradesh government in 2015.

Agra Metro Project: Enhancing Connectivity and Easing Traffic Congestion in the Heart of Uttar Pradesh

two corridors in the Agra Metro:

There will be 13 stations along the 14 km-long Sikandra to Taj East Gate line, 6 of which will be on the elevated portion and 7 of which will be subterranean.
The 15.40 km long, all-elevated Agra Cantt to Kalindi Vihar corridor would feature 14 stations.
The Agra Metro would have a total length of 29.4 kilometres and should be finished in five years. The project will likely cost $8,379.62. crore.

The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) will run the Agra Metro. From Gujarat, the first rake for the Agra Metro has already arrived in Agra.

Operation of the Agra Metro is anticipated to begin in February 2024. It will significantly improve public transport in Agra and ease the city’s traffic problems.

The Agra Metro has the following notable features:

  • A third rail system with a voltage of 750 V DC will power the metro.
  • 2,000 people will be able to board the trains.
  • The metro’s top speed will be 80 km/h.Phase 1 of the metro will include 27 stations.
  • It is anticipated that 1.2 million people would use the metro each day.
  • The The city will be significantly impacted by the Agra Metro project, a big infrastructural undertaking. It will aid in boosting economic growth, enhancing connectivity, and reducing traffic congestion.



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