In an effort to stop the spreading ethnic Manipur Violence, the Indian government has dispatched extra central soldiers quickly. At least 20 people have died

Central Forces Rushed to Manipur Violence as Ethnic Escalates

Violence occur between the Kuki and Meitei populations,

Two of Manipur’s main ethnic groupings. The war has two sides and a long history, and the recent political developments have made matters worse.

The Manipur government approved a measure in June that would have given the Meitei community special status. The Kuki community, who thought they were being treated against, was incensed by this.

The conflict has both sides have been blaming each other for employing violence in recent weeks. The government has moved extra central forces to the state in the hope to regain order.

On Monday, the tribal organisation Kuki Inpi is set to speak with Union Home Minister Amit Shah to examine the circumstance. A truce and a political resolution to the crisis have been demanded by the organisation.

The violence in Manipur of the state’s severe ethnic differences. A fix to these problems is required of government to bring peace to the state.

Here are some specifics regarding to the Manipur violence:

There have been a lot of fights in the Churachandpur district, which has a big population of Kuki.
In the violence, towns, businesses, and schools have all been attacked.

At least 20 people have died in violence, and they forced to leave their houses.
The Assam Rifles and the Border Security Force are among the extra central forces that the government has sent to the state.

On Monday, the tribal organisation Kuki Inpi is set to speak with Union Home Minister Amit Shah to examine the circumstance.

  • The government tried to stop the violence
  • launching a campaign to eradicate illicit weapons
  • appointing a special mediator to attempt to mediate the dispute
  • The violence is still occurring despite the government’s best attempts. the employment of centralised military
  • might help stop more carnage and free up the administration to focus on finding a political solution to the issue.


The government must act quickly to stop the violence in Manipur since it is a big worry.



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