The horrible incidence that occurred in western Mexico Bus Accident early on Thursday, a passenger bus went off the road and crashed into a ravine, killing at least 18 passengers. Most of the passengers, according to state officials, foreigners, and some were travelling to the US border.

Mexico Bus Accident They carrying foreigners including Indians, 18 dead
The bus driver into custody because they believe have caused the accident by speeding past a road bend. Regarding the driver’s incarceration, a statement from the Nayarit state administration was issued.

There are about 42 people on the bus, including from Africa, and India, and northern border town of Tijuana.

Authorities said they were still in then identifying operation for dying victims. According to the state administration, over 20 people were injured in the accident the admitted in hospitals for treatment. One lady is said to be in a “delicate” situation.

Outside of the state’s capital of Tepic, close to Barranca Blanca, a horrific accident happened on a highway. The ravine’s estimated depth of 40 metres (131 feet) made rescue attempts incredibly difficult, according to Jorge Benito Rodriguez, secretary of security and civil protection for Nayarit.
The Elite passenger line operated the bus that was involved in the collision. Requests for comments on the event from the bus company and Mexico’s migration institute have not yet elicited a response.

There have been other tragic Mexico Bus Accident collisions

There have been other tragic bus collisions in the recent months in Various parts of the country, with a substantial loss of life. In February, a bus accident in central Mexico they claimed people lives of 17, and this month, a bus disaster in the southern state of Oaxaca claimed the lives of 29 people. Both accidents included migrants from South and Central America.


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