Manipur video: 4 Main suspect has been arrested, On July 20, 2023, four men were arrested in Manipur in relation to the viral video that showing two naked women being paraded nude and sexually assaulted.

Manipur video: 4 Main suspect has been arrested
Manipur video: 4 Main suspect has been arrested

Manipur video: 4 Main suspect has been arrested

The main accused, Huirem Heradash Singh, was arrested on Wednesday, and three others were arrested on Thursday.

The guys are accused of murder, gang rape, and kidnapping. The incident took place on May 4, 2023, in the B Phainom village of Kangpokpi district.Recently, the incident’s video became viral on social media, inciting considerable rage.

According to the Manipur Police, every attempt will be made to identify the incident’s other perpetrators.Manipur’s chief minister, N Biren Singh, highly denounced the incident and promised that those involved would face severe punishment.

The arrests of the four men have been welcomed by the people of Manipur. They have expressed optimism that the other offenders would also be apprehended quickly and prosecuted.


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