do you want you skin look like korean follow these steps 

In the current fitness and beauty world, there is a significant amount of conversation surrounding the Korean lifestyle. Everyone desires to have radiant skin and a fit body like theirs. In this scenario, it is advisable to adopt the fitness routine of Korean individuals. Allow us to share some Korean fitness tips with you.

POP DIET Actually, Kerians give a lot of preference to traditional dishes in their diet. Which controls their weight and also works to keep them strong internally. This is called pop diet.

EAT VEGETABLES  You have to include vegetables, rice, meat and fish in your diet. This will help you in healthy weight loss.

FAT FREE DIET If you want a body like Korean, then you have to remove wheat, sugar and dairy products and extra fat from your diet.

NO OVEREATING AT ALL The special thing about Koreans is that they eat as much as they are hungry. Don't do overeating at all.

DO THE EXERCISE  Along with eating in this diet plan, do exercise as well. Do not eat outside things at all and reduce fat in the diet.

EAT SEA FOOD  Korean people consume sea food to keep themselves fit. This keeps their body fit and healthy.

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