If you are unable to go out in the rain, then do these 7 exercises at home and stay fit

Jumping Jacks  Extend legs wider than hips and jump up, raising arms above head. Keep on doing like this.

push-ups Get into plank position with hands wider than shoulders, keeping the body close to the ground, then lift up.

squats Stand with feet hip-width apart. Sit in chair position, keeping weight on heels. Return to starting position, repeat.

Plank  Start in push-up position. Keep the body straight. Stay like this for a few seconds. Planks can also be done on the knees instead of the toes.

lunges Stand with feet hip width apart. Step one leg forward, lower the body with both knees bent at 90 degrees. Do this with both feet. edit: iStock

mountain climbers  Begin in push-up position. Bring one knee to chest, quickly switch legs. Maintain core engagement and lower hips.

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